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Tuesday, May 25th 2010 / Blog

The Lost finale

Last night I sat down for two hours with my Wife Laura and together we watched the final episode of Lost after watching the full six seasons together over the past two years.

I really liked the way the finale played out but there were still unanswered questions as to the nature of the island and what exactly would've happened if the Man in Black was allowed to leave the island.

Please don't read below if you haven't seen the finale yet as it'll definitely spoil it for you!

The finale showed Desmond in the sideways-universe bringing everyone together to get them to remember their other lives on the island. Each one of these moments was touching and very well done, the moment where Claire and Charlie remembered almost brought a tear to my eye (which doesn't happen often!). Throughout the episode Desmond keeps telling these people that they are to come with him while others who we recognise are 'not ready'.

On the island, Jack tries to stop the Man in Black and allows Desmond to go down into the heart of the island. Unfortunately Desmond does exactly what the Man in Black wanted and seems to initiate the destruction of the island, with one side-effect that works to Jack's advantage, the Man in Black is no longer immortal (but wasn't he dead already?).

Jack kills the Man in Black and descends into the heart of the island to save everyone and return the light to the island. He passes on his responsibility to Hurley, who's only companion is now Ben and they decide to help each other.

Back in the sideways universe again Jack turns up at the church and has a chat with his deceased father Christian which reminded me of the Neo/Architect scene from The Matrix Reloaded. Jack realises that he and the rest of the people in the church are all dead. Some died long ago, and some died a long time after Jack died (restoring the light to the island).

This was a clever twist which was hard to see coming, the sideways-universe was nothing more than a construct, a form of limbo which brought everyone together before they finally 'moved on'.

Six seasons of Lost ended with us seeing Jack lay dying on the island after completing his task and Jack's dad opening up the church doors to be greeted by a great warm light.

In a word, brilliant!

There were some very clever little bits of dialogue that explained things further. A short scene between Hurley and Ben indicated that they had spent quite some time protecting the island together after Jack had died (and I forgot to mention that Lapidus, Richard, Miles, Kate and Sawyer all managed to fly off the island while this was happening).

Ben also showed remorse for killing Locke and they too had a short conversation where Locke forgave him and it was a nice touch.

It almost makes us want to know what exactly went on after Jack died, it'd be great to see how Hurley and Ben protected the island but this is the end, we'll just have to be happy with the fact that after all that happened to them they eventually found peace.

I did read this morning that the DVD box set will include additional scenes which will explain some of the island's mysteries. The producers wanted to fit more into the finale but couldn't due to time restrictions and it might not've been practical to put such explanations into the finale.

Now, I wonder how long it'll be before we think.. hey, we haven't seen Lost in a while, fancy watching the whole six seasons again?

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